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The first emotion which will later bring Zaeta to life, traces back to the 70ies in Valpolicella area, when I was riding my white Ciao riding on an oval in a field with a cherry tree in the middle. The pleasure of unstable balance is something primitive and linked to the first races among youngsters.

A feeling quite similar to the emotions lived in skateboarding (my first board is a 1976 Dog Town). More precisely Zaeta was born in spring 2007 when in Daytona I enjoyed watching for the first time short track races. I immediately fell in love with the discipline and with the aesthetics of these motorcycles: essential, tiny and, in a way, naked. In december 2008 I met for the first time Graziano Rossi and we launched our project: Graziano and I, found ourselves,even though starting from two different perspectives, talking of the same bike which was not available on the market.

He had in mind a light bike to ride sliding sideways for practice sessions of MotoGp riders, a motorcycle who could turn both left and right, while I was dreaming a very small, light bike which could run both on the dirt and down on the street. We both were talking of Zaeta. Our romantic project was ready to start.... Zaeta was going to come to light. Yellow as the yellow biscuits cooked in the region where I was born,i.e. “i zaeti”meaning yellow in venetian dialect.

In 2009 the first Zaeta with a Yamaha engine, followed in 2010 by the homologation assisted by TUV of the street bike with TM engine to the a really 100% Italian short track bike. In 2012 two important inputs were given as further boost to the project: the cooperation with In-Motion, a company founded by Giulio Bernardelle, who brought the experience of years in MotoGp races into the new Zaeta with a cnc billet aluminium frame, new tank and new tail (by Plastic Bike) for an even lighter and more performing bike.

A 2012 early summer evening, after testing the motorcycle on the winding roads around lake of Como, Matteo Uliassi, a young entrepreneur from Como, with a very strong passion for motorcycles, officially became shareholder of the Zaeta team.

ZAETA dt 530: Italian motorcycle with an Italian team, races in the old American discipline of the flat track. It’s the only pure dirt track bike made street legal with euro 3 European homologation (also with passenger) very close to the racing version. On the market it s one of the lightest mototrcycles among the medium displacement ones. Short track, Flat Track, Dirt Track different terms for the same discipline born in USA at the beginning of 20th century: races running in oval where street bikes were ridden on dirt and flat tracks turning always left. Commonly called dirt track, in Europe these races became short track races as the length of the track is generally short, while in USA the most popular races take place on long tracks (generally one mile long) with displacement from 700cc upward.

Zaeta competition track record:

2010 races
- Uk Short Track Championship : 5th place
- MEFO European Championship : 1st place
- Italian Flat Track Trophy :1st pace

2011 races
- Pikes Peak International Hill Climb : 5th place, 750cc
- Italian Flat Track Championship (FMI) :1st place

2012 races
- Pikes Peak International Hill Climb : 5th place, 750cc
- Italian Flat Track Championship (FMI) :1st place till last race when an unlucky accident mede impossibile for him to race.

2013 races
- Sweden, Stellan Strandh Memorial ( Hill climbing ) : Jan Andersson 1st place

2014 races
- Svezia, Stellan Strandh Memorial (Hill climbling): Jan Andersson vince- Sweden, Stellan Strandh Memorial ( Hill climbing ) : Jan Andersson 1st place
- Spain, Superprestigio Dirt Track: 4times Long Track Speedway World Champion Joonas Kylmakorpi enters in the final race.